Learn an evidence-based approach to properly leveraging supplementation. How to choose, time, and dose your supplements. 

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Save Money

  1. Learn how to cut through the marketing hype.
  2. Stop buying supplements that don't work. 

Improve Your Health

  1. Choose the right supplements for you
  2. Improve Nutrient Intake
  3. Prevent Deficiencies and Inadequacies 

Improve Performance

  1. Improve Muscular and Physical Performance
  2. Improve Cognitive and mental Performance. 

Are you confused about what supplements are best for YOU? 

Supplement companies are making a killing right now. And this is largely because they are selling products that people don't need to a largely uneducated public.

Supplements can be a great addition to a well thought out diet, however, they can also be a massive waste of money if you don't have an educated eye for marketing B.S. 

After years of being taken to the cleaners for purchasing overhyped, underdosed, and unneeded supplements I finally wised up. I hope that this becomes an invaluable resource for you to do the same. 

Supplement marketing tactics won't change, but your ability to cut through crap can. This is what the Complete Guide To Supplementation is all about.

What's in The Complete Guide To Supplementation?

A deep dive into 9 primary health goals.

  1. Foundational Supplements
  2. Testosterone 
  3. Nootropics 
  4. Muscle Growth 
  5. Libido
  6. Sleep 
  7. Mood 
  8. Stress and Anxiety
  9. Hair Loss 

What's in each health goal section?

A breakdown of 10-15 of the most well-studied supplements for each health goal.

Each section is broken down into 3 primary categories. 


  1. Foundational Supplements that are the most well studied and are essential nutrients for proper bodily function. 

  2. Complementary Supplements that have been clinically studied but are usually herbal in nature and should be regularly cycled for best results. 

  3. Experimental Options that have promising preliminary evidence but have not been proven in a clinical setting quite yet.

How to take each recommended supplement.
  1. How to choose the right supplements for you. 

  2. How to dose your supplements properly. 

  3. How to time your intake for best results. 

  4. How to know which supplements should be cycled. 


You also get free unlimited access to all future updates 

As new research comes to the surface, and as my thinking process continues to change, get instant access to any future updates that are made to this guide. You also get instant free access to any future sections that are added to this guide.

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